Santa Joe is coming to Pegasus Pizza on Alki Beach

Santa is Coming to Alki Beach!

Continuing the Alki Beach tradition, Pegasus Pizza and Pasta will be hosting Santa Photos (free with any purchase) again this year! Come down early for great seats. Sarah has Pegasus decorated beautifully again this year, the holidays are here! Last year was magical and everyone had a great time. Enjoy great food and drinks and one of the best views on Alki Beach! It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Best lunch on Alki Beach at Pegasus Pizza and Pasta

Best Lunch on Alki Beach

Best lunch on Alki Beach at Pegasus Pizza and Pasta

We get a TON of questions asking “Where is the best place to grab lunch on Alki Beach?” Our little Seattle beach is full of great restaurants with everything from Fish to burgers.

But the best place to have lunch on Alki Beach is most definitely Pegasus Pizza and Pasta

Not only has Pegasus Pizza been around on Alki for over 30 years, the food and drinks are absolutely amazing. 

Restaurants on the beach have come and gone, but Pegasus has been here year after year and is a place many have built lasting memories. That may have to do with the owner of Pegasus Pizza, Ted Nicoloudakis. Ted has focused on building a business rooted deep in the West Seattle community, focusing on quality and overall dining experience. 

A here is why I think they are the best option for lunch:

  1. Great Lunch Specials – Pegasus Pizza lunch specials are well known. You get a great large lunch sized portion for a very reasonable price. Many of their lunch specials are just smaller version of their popular dinner entrees! 
  2. The View – The views of the Puget Sound are some of the best in the Northwest. Many times you can be sitting at your table, enjoying some of West Seattle’s best pizza, look outside and see a bald eagle in the tree and whales out in the sound. Incredible.
  3. The People – Every time I have been to Pegasus Pizza the service is great, even when they are busy, and believe me they get busy. I have met the owner and I really think that he values the service just as much as his authentic food.
  4. The Drinks – With a full bar stocked with delicious adult beverages, the mixologists and bartenders at Pegasus have come up with some great drinks. I suggest the Alki Sunset. Delicious. 

When I leave the office or home office for lunch, I want to get away from work and relax for an hour or so. Pegasus Pizza on Alki is a great spot for just that, getting away. 

I highly recommend Pegasus Pizza for lunch and it is for sure the best West Seattle pizza out there!